Do you have referrals?

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We have a large crew that includes certified, licensed and insured: Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC Contractors, Carpenters, Tile Installers, Painters and Landscapers. Check out the recent projects we have completed in the South Florida area: View Recent Projects

Do you have insurance?

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H & C Improvements Inc is licensed and insured. As a General Contractors in Florida we are required to carry certain types of insurance, including: Workers' Compensation Insurance: To cover employees who are injured on the job. Commercial General Liability Insurance: To cover property damage, bodily injury, and other liabilities that may occur while

Do I need a permit?

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In Florida, a building permit is required for most construction projects. For example: New construction: New home or commercial building. Additions: To an existing home or commercial building. Renovations: To make major changes to an existing home or commercial building (roof, windows, or siding). Alterations: To make minor changes to an existing home or

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